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Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good evening.
Bway-noss dee-yas.
Bway-nass tar-days.
Bway-nass nochess.
How are you?
Co-mo es-tass?
What's the matter?
What's the problem?
Kay es el pro-ble-ma?
Where does it hurt?
A-don-day dwe-lay?
Does it hurt?
Tay dwe-lay?
Does it hurt here?
Tay dwe-lay a-key?
When did the problem start?
Kwan-do em-pes-oh el pro-ble-ma?
How old are you?
Kwan-toss an-yoss tye-ness?
How old were you (when it started)?
Kwan-toss an-yoss te-nee-as kwan-do em-pes-oh?
Did you have surgery?
Tay op-er-ar-on?
What do the doctors say?
What DID the doctors say?
K dee-sen los me-di-cos?
K dee-hair-on los me-di-cos?
Do you take medication?
Toe-mas me-di-ca-see-on?
What medication do you take?
K me-di-ca-see-on toe-mass?
What dosage?
K doe-sis?