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Do you feel tingling?

Did you feel tingling?
See-en-tess or-me-gay-ras?

Sen-teas-tay or-me-gay-ras?
Do you feel cold?

Did you feel cold?
See-en-tess free-oh?

Sen-teas-tay free-oh?
Do you feel numb?

Did you feel numb?
See-en-tess a-door-may-see-do?

Sen-teas-tay a-door-may-see-do?
Do you feel pain?

Did you feel pain?
See-en-tess do-lor?

Sen-teas-tay do-lor?
It's ok to feel that.
Esta be-en sen-teer esto.
All sensations, good and bad are releasing energy blockages.
Toe-doss sen-sa-see-on-es, be-en o mal sue-el-tan blo-kay-ohs en-er-hey-ti-cos.
The healing has begun.
La sa-na-see-on ah em-pez-ah-do.
When the mind is in the body, the cells expand and are happy. That is flow.
Kwan-do la men-tay es-ta en el kwer-po las cell-lu-las ex-pan-den y es-tan con-ten-tas. Esto es flu-ho.
The thinking mind is called the "thief." Because it moves the mind from the body to the head.
La men-tay pen-san-tay se ya-ma "el la-drone" por-kay mu-eh-vay la men-tay des-de el kwer-po a la ca-bez-ah.
When the mind is in the body it is called "Harmonious mind"
Kwan-do la men-tay esta en el kwer-po, se ya-ma "Men-tay har-mo-ni-o-sah"
People think too much -- thoughts both good and bad create blockages in the body.
Las per-so-nahs pee-en-sen de-ma-see-ah-do -- pen-sa-mee-en-tos buenos y ma-los crey-an blo-kay-ohs en el kwer-po.
People are disconnected from their bodies. This causes blockages.
Las per-so-nahs estan des-con-nec-ta-dohs de sus kwer-pos. Esto cow-sa blo-kay-ohs.
People need to feel, not think.
Personas tee-en-en kay cent-ear, no pen-sar.
Once you begin to practice, your body will begin to unblock.
Kwan-do em-pee-yes-as prac-tea-car, two kwer-po em-pes-are-ah des-block-ey-ar.
Blocked energy is released through the extremities, the hands and feet.
La en-er-gee-ya block-ey-ada say sue-ell-ta a tra-vess de las ma-nohs y los pi-ehs.