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erotic arousal and genital responses resulting from following sexual scripts of that society
sexual scripting framework
proposes that societal and cultural processes ultimately determine and prescribe what we perceive as sexual and how we behave sexually
sexual scripts
shared, gender-specific social and cultural expectations that guide our beliefs about sex, such as our beliefs about appropriate sexual partners and behaviors
3 levels of sexual scripts
1. cultural scenarios
2. interpersonal scripts
3. intrapsychic scripts
cultural scenarios
recognize influences such as families of origin, communities, mass media, educational system and religious beliefs
interpersonal scripts
recognize how different people interact and relate to each other within specific `social situations
intrapsychic scripts
account for individual desires, fantasies, emotions, and intentions while at the same time considering interpersonal responses of others
female's first menstruation
seminal emission
ejaculation while sleeping
early childhood (2-6 years)
forms close emotional bonds w/ parents

develop sense of who they are as males or females (gender identity)
refers to a period during which the reproductive ability and sexual responsiveness of men and women decline
female climacteric.

literally means the cessation of the menses
regular shedding of the uterine lining
result of decreasing or erratic levels of estrogen

causes interruption of the menstrual cycle
lower estrogen and progesterone levels cause the permanent cessation of menstrual cycle
study of sex as a discipline
4 phases of sexual response
1. the excitement phase
2. the plateau phase
3. the orgasm phase
4. the resolution phase
excitement phase - females
women experience vaginal lubrication and sweating on the vaginal walls

the vagina expands about the width of a finger and the inner two thirds lengthens to accommodate the penis
(filling with blood) causes the labia minora to expand 2 to 3 times in size and the labia majora flattens.

causes the clitoris to become erect and glans to increase in size
involuntary head to toe muscle tension
plateau phase - females
woman experiences an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration

sex flush reaches deepest color and may cover more of body

orgasmic platform (narrowing and tightening of lower vagina) is formed
sex skin
appears as the labia minora changes color, the more brilliant the color, the more intense the experience
orgasm phase - females
sudden release of the vasocongestion and myotonia that occurred during excitement and plateau phases
resolution phase - females
sexual response pattern is reversed as the heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration return to pre-excitement levels
excitement phase - males
penis becomes erect or longer and more rigid

testes draw upwards toward the body and enlarge due to vasocongestion
hydraulic process that requires and orchestration of several body mechanisms
plateau phase - males
sexual tension intensifies

glans, or head of the penis swells and deepens in color
orgasm phase - males
vasocongestion and mytonia released
2 processes

1. emission takes place as te seminal fluid passes through urethra

2. expulsion occurs as the seminal fluid is ejected in three to four intervals of less than one second each

rapid respiration reaches its peak
resolution phase - males
muscle tension and sexual flush disappear rapidly

man experiences refractory period
involution of penis
penis rapidly decreases in size by about 50 percent, although it takes longer for it to reach flaccid state
refractory period
incapable of achieving an erection
cerebral cortex
thought center of the brain

controls emotional states, thoughts of sex and sexuality and fantasies
limbic system
at the center of the brain

responsible for internal drive for self-preservation. instinctually instructs us to act aggressively or seek protection
marble sized gland located in the mid-brain

orchestrates the onset of puberty

controls a women's fertility/menstrual cycle, as well as the duration of the man's refractory period
extramarital sex (EMS)
occurs when a married person has a sexual relationship with someone other than their spouse
clandestine EMS
participating members don't believe either of their spouses know about the sexual relationship, nor do they believe their spouse would approve
ambiguous EMS
nonparticipating spouse may know about EMS but can't prove it

may choose to tolerate it rather than seek divorce
consensual EMS
nonparticipating spouse both knows and approves of the EMS
female sexual arousal disorder
woman unable to attain or maintain arousal and lubrication, unable to reach orgasm, or has no desire for sexual intercourse
involves the erotic stimulation of the woman's external sex organs
oral stimulation of the male's external sex organs