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What is the act of talking to a computer
and the computer obeys the commands and
translates the speech into written text?
Speech recognition
Reference initials are typed in:
Lower case.
An email heading may also include a/an:
Copy notation.
The input device that transfers images or
text into a word processing document or email
Flatbed scanner.
Key reference initials for a business letter
Before the complimentary close.
The autotext feature of software can be
used to insert the:
Attention line.
The type of paper used for the second page
of a letter is what quality?
Plain stationery
24. The two different operating systems found
on handheld computers are:
Palm OS and Windows CE.
What helpful software feature marks errors
with a green underline?
Grammar check
An orphan is the
Last line of the paragraph by itself at the
top of the page.
The use of a biometric device does NOT
The possibility of stolen passwords
Good sources of references for a resume do
NOT include:
GPS uses reference points to calculate
positions accurate to a matter of meters.
What are these points called? points
Man-made stars
Data that appears on the monitor is called
When trying to beam a program from one
PDA to another, which icon indicates the
program cannot be transferred?
The table of contents lists:
Paragraph and side headings.
The alternative input device that is a cross
between a laptop and PDA is the:
Tablet PC.
When completing a job application, the
applicant should:
Print neatly in blue or black ink.
Software packages used to create financial
statements using mathematical calculations
Electronic spreadsheet.
All numbers of the second and succeeding
pages of an unbound report:
Are aligned at the right margin.
What spacing should be used within
individual endnotes?
The mode for having the software interpret
and execute formatting commands in
SOME speech recognition programs is
known as:
Synchronizing a PDA means:
Updating information between the PDA
and a computer.
On an envelope the word "Confidential" is
an example of:
Addressee or handling notation.
What device can read text printed on paper
and translate the information into a form
the computer can use and edit?
What spacing follows the title of a bound
business report?
What is the spacing within paragraphs of a
To put a space into the text when dictating,
Space bar.
Envelopes are keyed
single space
The technology used to scramble
information so that only the sender and
receive can read the data is called:
convenient attachment that can be used
with a PDA to input data is a:
Portable keyboard.
After a document has been created on the
computer in word processing it can be
transferred to the PDA by:
What is another name for a USB flash
Pen drive
What voice commands should be used for
the text below? North Carolina
<bold that><cap that>
When should a person list education before
work experience on a resume?
Have little work experience
. In the body of a report enumerated items
Be single-spaced with a double space
between items.
Which of the following is a mailing
A base sample of how a person makes
sounds that is used to create individual
profiles for the user is called a(n):
What equipment is used like a copy
machine to allow information to be input
into the computer?
special file that collects data about a
user’s speech patterns is called a:
What device attaches to a headset to allow
the input sound into a computer?
What device is used to charge a handheld
Power adapter
Biometric devices use authentication
techniques for all of the following