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High voltage equpment can cause
laser technology used with computer can be dangerous to the
what type current, can kill you?
AC and DC current
Monitors can be dangerous because they contain
High voltage
A green PC is one that
consumes less power than a normal PC
static electricity thrives in which type of enviroment
Cold and dry
Static electricity cannot be detected by human senses if less than
25,000 volts
what's the best way to dust out a computer?
Use non-static compressed air
a good place to store a PC component card is
an anti-static storage bag
why is the only maintenance required on a power suply to use compressed air on the fan?
It is too dangerous to open
which device has the least risk of damage from ESD
the discharge of static between you and sensitive computer components
when cleaning a laser printer
let assembly cool before proceeding
What should be done to keep a power supply from overheating?
do not block the vents used for cooling