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35 kts
40 kts
55 kts
67 kts
104 kts
111 kts
149 kts
85 kts
V best glide
60 kts
V max crosswind
12 kts
V open window
149 kts
Engine Horsepower
110 BPH @ 2550 RPM
Max Ramp Weight
1675 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight
1670 lbs
Max Landing Weight
1670 lbs
Max Weight in Baggage
1 120 lbs
2 40 lbs
Max Flight Load: Flaps Up
+ 4.4 g's
- 1.76 g's
Max Flight Load: Flaps Down
+3.5 g's
Total Fuel
26 gallons
Usable Fuel
24.5 gallons
Approved Fuel Types
Flap Settings
10, 20, 30 degrees
What type are the wing flaps?
Single slot
What type is the landing gear?
Fixed tricycle
Engine Description
+ Lycoming 0-235-L2C
+ normally aspirated
+ Direct Drive
+ air cooled
+ horizontally opposed
+ carburetor equipped
+ four cylinder engine
+ 233.3 cubi inch displacement
What provides engine ignition?
2 spark plugs per cylinder connected to 2 engine driven magnetos
What principal does the fuel system work on?
Gravity fed
How many volts does the aircraft electrical system work on?
28 volts
How many volts does the battery put out?
24 volts
How many amps does the alternator provide?
60 amps
The master switch consists of two switches. What do these switches control?
Battery and Alternator
What instruments work off of the pitot static system?
Altimeter, Vertical Speed indicator, Air Speed Indicator
What instruments work off of the vacuum system?
Attitude, Directional gyro, vacuum gauge
Prior to starting the engine, what is the maximum number of primer strokes that can be used in cold weather?
During and before takeoff check, what is the maximum allowable drop in RPM from the magnetos?
125 RPM & 50 differential
During an enroute climb, what should be done with the mixture once above 3000 feet?
Mixture should be leaned
How much power is used for normal cruising?
How many degrees of flaps are used for a normal takeoff?
How man degrees of flaps are used for a short field takeoff?
For a normal landing what is the normal landing approach speed w/flaps up?
60-70 kts
For a normal landing what is the normal landing approach speed w/flaps down?
55-65 kts
How many degrees of flaps are used for a short field landing?
What is Vso?
Stall speed with flaps
What is Vs
Stall speed w/o flaps
What is Vx
Best angle of climb
What is Vy
Best rate of climb
What is Va
Maneuvering speed
What is Vno
Max cruise speed
What is Vne
Never exceed speed
What is Vfe
Max speed with flaps extended