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What is C1 called
What is C2 called
What part of Atlas rest on the Axis
Lateral masses
What does the Atlas suround
Odontoid process
What runs through the transverse formaen
vertebral arteries
What are the four lines that describe normal alignment of the c-spine
Anterior spinal line, posterior spinal line, spinolaminar line, spinous precess line
What is the normal soft tissue thickness at C2-C3
Normal soft tissue thickness at C6-C7
<21 mm
What is normal atlato-odontoid space (b/w anterior part of C1 and the odontoid process)
What are the two types of c-spine dislocations?
Antlantooccipital dislocation
Facet joint dislocation
Are the two types of c-spine dislocations unstable or stable
How might you distiguish an anterior atlantoccipital dislocation?
increase in prevertebral soft tissue width, increased distance b/w the atlas and the occiput
How do facet joint dislocations occur?
Secondary to hyperflexion of the c-spine, disrupts the anteior longitudinal ligament
What types of facet joint dislocations are there?
Subluxed facets, Perched facets, Locked facets
What are the two types of c-spine fractures?
Unstable and Stable
What are the 6 unstable c-spine fractures?
1. Flexion teardrop
2. Hangman's
3. Hyperextension fracture dislocation
4. Burst
5. Jeffersons
6. Odontoid
Pneumonic: Fly High Here By Jumping Off
What is a flexion teardrop fracture
-Secondary to flexion injury
-Very Very Unstable!!
-disruption of all ligaments as well as the IV disc at that level
-may have Fx thru the lamina
-small part ant/inf C2 vert. body broken off
-Posterior displacement of vertebral body intself
-Anterior spinal cord compression
What is a Hangman's fracture?
-Secondary to extension injury
-Bilateral C2 pedicle fractures with ant. displacement of the anterior part of C2
What is a hyperextension fracture-dislocation injury
-Hyperextension injury
-Slight anterior vertebral subluxation with complex fx of the lamina NEAR articular surface of the facet joints
What is a burst fx?
-compression of hte vertebral body with lsos of ant and post body height
-axial injury
-Located in mid c-spine
What is a jefferson fx?
-At least two fractures of C1 (ring cannot only be broken in one spot)
-axial injury
-seen as lateral masses of C1 slipping of the axis edges
-can be seen as two fx through the anterior arch of C1
What is an odontoid fx?
Type 1-tip of C2
Type 2-base C2 **most unstable
Type 3-body C2
What are the 3 stable c-spine fractures?
1. Clay shovler's
2. Wedge
3. Extension teardrop
What is a clay-shoveler's fx?
-sec. to flexion injury
-avulsion of piece of spinous process
-lower c-spine
What is a wedge fx?
-sec. to flexion injury
-compression of anterior part of vertebral body
What is extension teardrop fx?
-Extension injury
-Avulsion of anteriorinferior part of vertebra usually C2
What are the flexion injuries?
-Facet dislocation
-Flexion teardrop
What are the extension injuries?
-Hyperextension fx-dislocation
-Extension teardrop
What are the axial injuries?
What are the multidirectional injuries?