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What is the first person singular pluperfect active indicative of "amo"?
How can amaveram be translated into English?
I had loved, I had been loving
Give the future perfect form of amaveram, keeping person, mood and voice the same
What prominent Roman, a contemporary of Julius Caesar, was married to Terentia? (Marcus Tullius)
What is the meaning of the Latin word "cicero"?
In what year did Cicero die?
43 B.C.
In the sentence "deo volente, Brutus mox aderit" what is the name for the construction "deo volente"?
Ablative absolute
What form of participle is "volente" in the sentence "deo volente, Brutus mox aderit"? (give tense and voice)
present active
Change "volente" to the plural, keeping the case the same.
Name the muse of empic poetry.
Of what was Thalia the muse?
Who was the mother of the Muses?
What poetic device is illustrated by the words "magno cum murmure montis"?
Alliteration or onomatopoeia
The words "magno cum murmure montis" come from the Aeneid. What is the name for the meter of that poem?
Dactylic hexameter
Give the full name of the poet of the Aeneid.
Publius Virgilius Naso
What Roman writer, renowned for his letters, witnessed the destruction of Pompeii?
Pliny the Younger
In what year did the destruction of Pompeii occur?
79 A.D.
Name the famous volcano on the island of Sicily.
Mt. Etna
Who wrote a poem beginning "vivamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus"?
In what meter is the poem beginning "vivamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus" written?
Give the person, tense and mood of "vivamus."
First person plural
What is the genitive singular of "mater bona"?
matris bonae
What English word meaning "motherly" comes from mater?
What legal Latin expression means "in good faith"?
bona fide
Name Hercules' first wife.
What terrible fate befell Hercules's first wife?
Hercules killed her in a fit of madness.
Who was the second wife of Hercules.
Translate into Latin: The bad sailor sleeps.
nauta malus dormit (in any order)
Give the imperfect of "dormit" (same person, mood)
How would you say "Let us sleep" in Latin?
What culinary delights were called "glires" in Latin?
What Latin noun is the root of "culinary" and what does the noun mean?
culina, kitchen
What would be the genitive of "glires"?
Give the perfect passive participle (masculine singular) of audio.
How would you translate "vox magistri auditus erat"?
The teacher's voice (the voice of the teacher) had been heard.
How would you give this command in Latin: "Listen, Claudius!"
audi, Claudi!
What was the name of the man who got into the rites of the Good Goddess disguised as a woman?
Clodius Pulcher
At whose house did Clodius Pulcher get into the rites of the Good Goddess disguised as a woman?
Julius Caesar's
Caesar famously divorced his wife after Clodius Pulcher's trick. Whom did Caesar marry next?
What is the meaning of the expression "ceteris paribus"?
Other things being equal
Which of the following numbers might be described as "par"? tres, quinque, octo?
octo (par meaning even)
Express in Roman numerals 689.
Translate into Latin: we use swords
gladiis utimur
Change "gladiis utimur" to "we can use swords"
gladiis uti possumus
Change "gladiis uti possumus" to the future.
gladiis uti poterimus
What was the name of Dido's first husband?
Who killed Dido's first husband?
Her brother/Pygmalion
What was the name of Dido's sister?
Which emperor succeeded Tiberius?
Caligula (Gaius)
What does the nickname Caligula mean?
"Little boots"
What was the name of Caligula's favorite racehorse?
What is the name of the official who interprets the entrails of birds?
On what hill were the Sacred Geese kept?
The Sacred Geese achieved their status originally by warning the city of attackers. Who were those attackers?
St. Augustine heard the voice of a child saying "Tolle, lege." What does that mean?
Pick up and read/pick it up and read it
What are the principle parts of tollo?
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatum/us
What is the gerundive (future passive participle) of tollo? (give the nominative singular masculine)
What is the meaning of Carthago delenda est?
Carthage should be destroyed/ought to be destroyed, is to be destroyed
Who said Carthago delenda est?
(Marcus) Cato (the Elder)
When was Carthage destroyed as Cato had demanded?
146 B.C.
Who said Carthago delenda est?
(Marcus) Cato (the Elder)