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Name the 3 cell layers of Cerebellar cortex from top to bottom:
1. Molecular
2. Purkinje
3. Granular
Which cells have their cell bodies in the Molecular level?
Stellate Cells and Basket Cells
Which cells have their cell bodies in the Granular level?
Granular Cells and Golgi II Cells
The axons of which cell run parallel to the folia in the Molecular level?
(parallel fibres)
Granule Cells
Parallel fibres excite the dendrites of which cell type?
Purkinje cells
Name the 2 afferent inputs to the Cerebellum:
Mossy Fibres and Climbing Fibres
Where do Climbing Fibres originate and what is their target?
1. From the Inferior Olivary Nucleus
2. They wrap around the cell bodies and dendrites of Purkinje Cells
Where do Mossy Fibres originate and what is their target?
1. From nuclei in the brain stem and spinal cord
2. They terminate on Granule Cells
What kind of information do Mossy Fibres transmit?
Peripheral Sensory information and Cerebral cortex information
What kind of information do Climbing Fibres transmit?
Somatosensory and Visual information along with Cerebral cortex information
What does the Cerebellum do?
It does not initiate motor commands but it regulates them.
Which cell type projects out of the Cerebellum?
Purkinje cells project to deep Cerebellar Nuclei which then project outwards.