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to knead or mix clay by cutting/rolling or pounding; removes air bubbles
leather hard
clay which is dried somewhat but which is still damp enough to be joined to other pieces with slip or carved
green ware
clay pieces that have not been fired
bone dry
the condition of unfired clay when it is as dry as possible prior to firing
a furnace for firing clay products
pyrometric cone
a device for measuring heat in the kiln
pinch pot
pinching a ball of clay inside and out ro form a cup
coil building
using snake-like forms to build clay walls
slab building
rolling clay into flat forms, cutting and standing them up to create boxes cylinders, sculptures, etc.
a lever system for pushing clay into a variety of forms
forming clay on a potter's wheel
slip or slurry
a mixture of clay and water used as a binder/glue
colored slip
wet colored clay used to decorate
soft slab
making a piece with a slab before it is leather hard and without corners
slip trailing
decorating clay by squeezing slip out of a bottle
painting slip on clay and drawing through the slip so that the clay body shows
using damp paper towels as a stencil with slip or glaze
a compound of minerals that is applied to the surface of greenware or bisqued ware and that forms a glassy coating when fired
bisque fire
firing dried clay pieces for the first time in a kiln
glaze fire
firing bisqued pieces that have been glazed
primary clays
clays that are found in the ground at their source of origin
a hole in a kiln chamber, covered with a removable plug, through which one can observe the pyrometric cones, color or atmosphere inside the kiln
pottery fired to below the cone2; usually red and porous
kiln furniture
heat-resistance posts, shelves, and other devices upon which ware is supported in a kiln during firing
kiln sittter
a kiln mechanism that automatically turns off the kiln when a small pyrometric cone in it slumps
kiln wash
a refactory coating applied to kiln shelves to prevent excess glaze from fusing ware to the shelves