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Cephalosporins is a ___1___
group of ___2___ B lactam ABX

Have _3__ or more R groups
Manipulation of molecular structure induces more BLM ___4____ and ___5___ spectrum
1. large
2. synthetic
3. two
4. resistance
Cephalosporins: Pharmokinetics
*__1__ stable than
penicillins in acid
*Multiple agents some
available __2__ others
availabe via ___3___
*Exretion primarily __4___
1. more
2. orally
3. injections
4. renal
(rocephin excreted via bile)
Cephalosporins Take Home Pt
*Classified by __1___ into 4 different "generations"
*As we advance from 1st to 4th generation __1__ vs. gram __2___ __3__
*Have a lot of overlap btw __4__ & __5___
*__6___ to BLM __7__ by generation
1. coverage
2. negative
3. increases
4. agents
5. generations
6. resistance
7. increases
Cephalosporins:1st generation
Two Prototypes
1. Cephalexin (KEFLEX)

2. Cefazolin (ANCEF)
Cephalosporins 1st generation
-good coverage on S1 & S2
-__3___ resistance occurring
-covers a few gram neg:
e. coli & klebsiella pn

__4__ used primarily as preoperative vs __5__ & aerobic gram neg enteric __6__
S1. Strep
S2. Staph
3. Increasing
4. Ancef
5. Staph
6. Bacilli
Cephalosporin:2nd generation
Two prototypes

*Similar coverage as 1st generation but has better ____3___ and gram neg ___4___
1. Cefaclor (CECLOR)


3. H. influenzae
4. bacilli
Cephalosporins 2nd generation
*oral agents against __1___
*__2___is a good empiric therapy vs CAP in hospitals
1. Otitis Media
2. Zinacef
empiric therapy definition:
Empiric therapy is a medical term referring to the initiation of treatment prior to determination of a firm diagnosis.

Empiric antibiotics are typically broad-spectrum, in that they treat a wide variety of possible microorganisms
Cehpalosporins:3rd generation
Two Prototypes

*Better Gram Neg
-H. flu, M catarrahlis, enterobacteriacea
-Fortaz & Cefoboid = anti psuedomonas
1. Cefpodoxime (VANTIN)

2. Ceftriaxone (ROCEPHIN)
Cephalosporin 3rd generation
__1__ &__2__ good vs OM

__1__,__2__ & claforan good vs gonorrhea

other uses:
-pnuemoniae, meningitis, intra abdominal, or urinary tract
-lyme diseas
1. Vantin

2. Rocephin
Cephalosporins 4th generation
Prototype (1)

* more __2___ to BLM
* similar in coverage of 3rd
generation agents
* not effective against __3__
or resistant __4___
1. Cefpime (MAXIPIME)
2. resistant
4. pneumococci
Cephalosporin Side Effects
*Possible cross rxn w/ __1__
*Hypersensitivity rxns
possible: rash, urticaria,
drug fever, eosinophilia
*Diarrhea, supra infections
*Inhibit vitamin _2__
*Interaction with ___3___
1. Penicillin
2. K
3. Warafin (Coumadin)