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Who are your primary External Customers?
Sstudents, parents, teachers, homeless, tourists, blue/white collar workers, disabled (mentally and physically), new-comers
Who are your primary Internal Customers?
Co-workers, managers, supervisors, security, maintenence.
What are the 3 TRU Needs of customers?
1; Task need: what they want; get balance, transfer bal, register. 2; Respect need: showing empathy, care and kindness-the golden rule. 3; Uniqueness need: receognizing that they do not know all the info you know as a Specialist or else they would not be calling and that each call is special unto itself. Let your response be special to each customer. They are the monst important at that moment.
What are the 3 customer emotions?
What is the CEO commitment and the Law of Good Returns
The more good you see, say and do the more returns to you, other and your organization is the Law of good returns. Basically the secret or karma-what you put out is what you get. You reap what you sow whether its in your actions or your thoughts. The CEO commitment is RAPLBMT; responsibility for actions, advocate for the customer, problem solve/innovate, lead with confidence, business minded approach, market (speak good about MARTA and finally be a team player.
The five ABC Communication Skills and 2 examples of each skill.
Align-show you care
Bridge- what you'll do next
Clarify- uncover the needs
Delight- Gems to go the extra mile
Explain-What and why of situaltion
Gap Greeting Skills
GREET warmly and professionally
ASK an open question for help
POSITIVELY respond with delight
Five Ways to Align with customers
1Commonality-thats an issue many patrons have been experiencing
2Empathy-I can understand why you'd be upset
3Listen-Yes, I know what you mean
4 Endorse-thats a good idea
5 Mistake recognition- Im sorry I'll do what I cn to make sure it doesn't happen again
The WHAT model of Open Questions?
WHO else uses the card
WHAT happens when you tap your card
WHERE do you load your card
WHEN do you transfer from rail to bus
WHY do you buy SV when you ride everyday a 7 day pass might be better
HOW do you use the BVM
Ask follow up questions-please give me other examples
TELL me more about that particular event
The ABCD skill-steps to handle complaints- 4 examples
ALIGN with apology and empathy
BRIDGE to I can questions/actions
CLARIFY and check concerns
DELIGHT with options and gems
Definition of GEMS, 4 types and examples
GEMS are great ways to make each customer feel unique and to earn loyality. Extra; actins you take (looking in yellow pages for doctor after wallet lost), info you give (we have a webiste for more updates), suggestions (try putting card in sleeve to protect) and add on's at no charge (courtesy ride)
Ideal Customer Experience
Customer was helped, felt that had my full attention and pleasant tone and got a gem.
MARTA's vision
To become regional- to control CCT, C-tran, ginnett County and GRTA