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What are the 3 parts of cellular respiriation?
Celllar respiration is releasing energy by breaking down food in the presence of oxygen through glycolysis, Kreb's cycle and electron transport
Three stages of cellular respiration in order from first to last
Kreb's Cycle
Electron Transport
What is released during cellular respiriation?
One molecule of glucose produces how many molecules of ATP?
4 molecules of ATP
The equation for cellular respiration is
6O2 +C6H12O6 6H2O + Energy
What does cellular respiration break down to release energy?
What are the reactants in cellular respiration?
Oxygen and Glucose
What are the products of cellular respiration?
Carbon Dioxide, Water, and Energy
Which stage of celluar respiration takes place in the cytoplasm?
HOw many ATP are produced in glycolysis
Four ATP
What is the starting molecule for glycolysis?
In order to get started, what does glycolysis require?
What are the three products of glycolysis?
2 pyruvic acids, 4 ATP and 2 NADH
What are the electron carriers in cellular respiration?
Where does lactic acide fermentation occur?
In human muscle cells where there is no oxygen
What are the two types of frementation?
alcohol and lactic acid
What causes muscle soreness?
buildup of lactic acid in the muscles.
What type of fermentation is used in beer and winemaking?
alcoholic fermentation
What type of fermentation is used to produce yogurt?
Lactic fermentation
What is regenerated in lactic acid, that allows glycolysis to continue?
The conversion of pyruvic acid to lactic acid requires what component?
If oxygen is present, what stage follows glycolysis?
Krebs Cycle
Why is cellular respiration called aerobic respiration?
requires oxygen
What is the starting molecule for the Krebs Cycle?
Pyruvic Acid
What molecule needs to be present for the Krebs cycle to happen?
Pyruvic acid and coenzyme A
What is produced at each turn of the Krebs cycle?
The Krebs cycle starts with _____ and ends with ____?
starts with pyruvic acid and ends with carbon dioxide and 4 high energy electrons.
What organisms can you find the electron transport chain in?
eukaryotes and prokaryotes
What are the electron carriers that power the elctron transport chain?
high energy electrons in NADH and FADH2 from the Krebs cycle
What is the energy of electrons in ETC used for?
Waste from cellular respiration such as low energy electrons and hydrogen ions.
Breathing heavy after running a race is your body's way of repaying what?
Replacing oxygen for energy to repay the ATP used
How does your body generate ATP after exercising for more than 10 minutes?
through celluar respiration
If you want to lose weight, how long should you exercise aerobically for each day?
more than 15-20 minutes (about 30) because your body stores enough glycogen for 14-20 minutes.
Energy to win a 2-minute foot race is produced by what process?
Muscle cells produce ATP by lactic acid fermentation
Why must well-conditioned athletes pace themselves?
Cellular respiration produces energy more slowly than fermentation, so athletes have to give their body time enough to produce it.
What are 3 sources of energy during exercise?
ATP in muscles
Carbohydrate glycogen
The last two are used in cellular respiration
In eukaryotes, where is the elctron transport chain?
in the inner membrane of the mitochrondria
In the electron transport chain, each pair of high-energy electrons provides energy to produce what molecules?
water molecules
How are photosynthesis and cellular respiration almost opposite processes?
Photosynthesis makes energy and cellular respiration uses it.
Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from air and cellular respiration puts it back
Photosynthesis releases oxygen and cellular respiration uses it to release energy from food
What organelle does celluar respiration take place in?
What type of cells does celluar respiration take place in?
All cells