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Why is cell division important? (3 Answers)
1. Enables multicellular organisms to grow to adult size.
2. Replaces worn-out or damaged cells
3. Is the basis of reproduction for every organism.
What is asexual reproduction?
Production of offspring by a single parent with participation of gamete
Define the term 'Gamete'
Haploid reproductive cells. Sperm and Egg
Define the term 'Haploid'
A cell that only contains one set of chromosomes. Humans have 46 chromosomes, haploid human cells have 23 chromosomes
Define the term 'homologous chromosome'
a pair of matching chromosomes. One set from each parent.
Define the term 'autosomes'
Any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome.
Define the term 'diploid'
A pair of matching chromosomes. One chromosome from each parent
Define the term 'zygote'
Diploid cell formed by the fusion of two haploid cells. IE sperm and egg joining.
What are the 3 sub-phases of interphase.
Gap 1 - G1
S - S phase
Gap 2 - G2
What occurs during G1 of interphase?
Period of prep for division
Protein supply increased
Organelles are replicated.