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what produces the sperm
the pollen grain
what does the lysosome do?
gets rid waste
what is the cytoplasm
jelly like substance that holds everything together
what eventually becomes the root?
what 2 specific cells are produced during miosis?
sperm and egg
the mitochandria does.......
stores energy
what does the vacuole do?
stores water,salt and food
what cell structure is only in the plant?
cell wall
what does the ovary do?
protects ovule
endoplasmic reticulum does:
transports chromatin out of nucleas
myosis hes ___ times many cells
4 times as many cells
what eventually becomes a stem?
what eventually becomes a stem?
the codelydon does what?
stores food
the seed coat.......
protects the embryo
what transports the sperm?
the pollen tube?
plants take in
the key to photosynthesis is
what the filament do?
supports the anther
weaker genes are called:
ressive genes
mytosis end up with __ times the cells
the function of the nucleas is...
contains dna
cell strutures are:
nucleas,nuclear membrane,chromatin,cell membrane
what is the golgi body?
stores water and soft minerals
miosis is the division of:
body cells
sex cells
what does the stigma do?
collects pollen
what organelle is only in a plant cell?
the epicotyl eventually becomes
the stem
what does the egg do?
produces seed