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Cell Wall
Structure: Plant, not animal, outer layer, rigid, strong stiff, made of cellulose (molecule and has chain of adams)
Function:*Support (grow tall)
*Allows H2O, O2, CO2 to pass into and out of cell
Cell/Plasma Membrane
Structure: Plant-inside cell wall,
Animal-outer layer; cholesterol, (soft waxy substance)
Selectively permeable
*Controls movement of all materials in/out of cell
*barrier between cell and its environment
*maintains homeostasis (maintaining equality)
Structure:Clear, Thick, jellylike.
Function:It supports and protects organelles.
Structure: Large, oval.
Function: Controls cell activities.
Nuclear Membrane
Structure:It surrounds nucleus, selectively permeable.
Function:Controls movement of materials in/out of nucleus.
Structure: Little nucleus, contains RNA.
Function: It contains ribosomal RNA that is used in transcription and translation.
Structure:Round, fluid-filled sac in both plant and animal cells. Plants have few big vacuoles while animals have smaller vacuoles if any.
Function: Stores water, food,waste (plants need to store large amounts of food) can be stored in vacuoles too.
Structure:Uncommon in plant cells but common in animal cells.
Function: It aids in digestion, including the digestion of old cell parts and breaking down large food molecules in to smaller ones.
Structure: Bean-shaped with inner membranes.
Function: Breaks down sugar molecules into energy.
Structure: In plants, not animal. Green, oval usually containing chlorophyll (green pigment)
Function: Uses energy from the sun to make food for the plant (photosynthesis)
Golgi Body
Structure: A membrane structure found near the nucleus. It is made with many layers that make a sac.
Function: Packages and transports molecules.
Smooth and Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Structure: Both plant/animal. Network of tubes or membrane.
Function: Carries materials through the cell.
Structure: Both plant/animal Small bodies free or attached to E.R.
Function: Produce proteins.