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What is a cell membrane?
-outside covering of the cell
-protects cell
-has pores
-allows things in and out
-has receptor proteins(atenna)
What is cytoplasm?
-contains mostly enzymes
-most of cellular metabolism occurs here
-the "jelly like" substance in which all other organelles float
What is the Nucleus?
-has membrane called nuclear membrane
-nuclear membrane contians pores
-communicates with surrounding cytosol
What is DNA?
-in nucleus
-contains genetic info
-passed orignally from aprents
What is the Nucleolus?
-in nucleus
-produces ribosomes
What are Chloroplasts?
-site of photosynthesis
-green chemical which gives chloroplasts their color
What are Mitochondria?
-use oxygen to produce energy(ATP)
-very abundant in cells
-require lots of energy
What are Vacuoles?
-act as container
-single membrane surrounding soulid or liquid contents
-contain diff. substances(food,water,sugar)
What is the Endoplasmic Reticulum?
-network of canals extended from cell membrane through cytoplasm to nuclear membrane
-two kinds (rough, smooth)
-transport materials
-smooth ER has NO ribosomes
What are Ribosomes?
-small dot-like
-form rough e.r
-site of protein photosynthesis
-made of RNA
What is the Golgi Body?
-"shipping" department
-modification of lipids and proteins
-package materials for export from cell
What are vesicles?
-shipping containers within cells
-package liquids containing wide variety of substances
-carry to other parts of cell
-liquid filled sac
What are lysosomes?
-sacs containing digestive enzymes
-used to breakdown complex macromolecules
-digest substances brought into cell
-liquid filled sac
What are centrioles?
-function in cell division
-not found in plants cells
-come in pairs
-part of reproduction
What is the cytoskeleton?
-helps maintain cell shap
-movement of cell organelles within cell