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What is osmosis?
Osmosis is a process where water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane.
whta is diffusion?
Diffusion is the process where molecules spread out evenly.
what is active transport?
active transport is the process where the cell membrane uses energy to transpotr molecules into the cell.
what is passive transport?
passive transport is the movement of molecules through a cell membrane without using energy.
what does engolfing mean?
its where the amoeba eats the food.
what is the cell membrane?
the cell membrane is a thin covering outside the cell and it gives the cell strength and protection and shape.
what is selectiv permeability?
it is picky and choosey of certain substances to pass through the membrane.large molecules are not allowed
to pass through the cell membrane.
what is solution?
when a substance is dissolved in water it separates into individual molecules.