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In what way is meiosis different from mitosis.
meiosis has 2 stages of cell division rather than 1,the cell nucleus divides to produce 4 daughter cells,each with half the number of chromosomes of the parent cell.
type of cell division that results in 2 daughter cells containing identical sets of chromosomes.
The stages of mitosis
prophase, metaphase,anaphase and telophase.
interphase is
the resting stage both before and after the cell division sequence.
Stage of mitosis were the chromosomes become visible.the centrioles of the cell migrate,one to each pole of the cell, and from them spindle fibres form.The nuclear membrane breaks down.
What happens in the metaphase stage.
the chromosomes arrange themselves along the equator of the cell and attach to the spindle fibres, which start to pull the chromatids apart
the spindle fibres contract and pull the chromatids apart, moving them to opposite ends of the cell.
Discribe what happens in telophase.
The spindle fibres disintegrate and a nuclear membrane forms around the chromosomes, the cytoplasm divides forming 2 new daughter cells, each containing identical set of chromosomes.the nuclear membrane reforms, the chromosomes unravel and the cell goes into interphase again.
in mitosis the nuclear membrane reforms at
occurs in the germ cells of the ovary and testis
occurs in the somatic cells of the body.