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What check points detect
1. spindle formation/damage to genome
2.incomplete previous step
3.arrests cycle so it can repair
check pts and where they are
1.spindle assembly-M1 chromos attatch to spindle
2.Nutrients,gf's dna damage,cell size-G1
3.dna damage,size-G2
phosphorylate proteis that transition the cycle
1-7 not 5
have to be w/ cyclins to work
- regulate cdks
-levels vary during cycle
G2 checkpt
-Cdk1 /cyclin A or B called MPF
-at the end of G2
-breakdown of nuc memb
-condensation of chromos
-protein degreadation
-form of spindle by activating anaphase promoting complex
Anaphase promoting complex
-kills securin which inhibits separin
-cleaves cohesins which are controlled by kineticore(sis chromos are free)
-inibited by mad2 released by kineticore which wont let anaphase start
Restrictin pt
-controls G1->S
-repairs damage b4 rep
-CDk4,6/cyclin D
-activated by CAK
-phosphorylates RB protein which drives the cycle past restriction pt
-start formation of D cyclins
Cyclin E
binds to cdk 2 and makes sure RB has lots of Pi and then its degraded so S phase can start
Cyclin A
binds to CDk 2 and starts S phase
-P 21 inhibits it
mutations in mismatch repair genes
-hereditatry nonpolyposis colon CA
P 53
-actvated by radiation or uv
-Atm and atr activated
-stmulates p21 which arrests cycle
-stops synthesis by binding to sigma unit of DNa pol
-mediate protein cleavage