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Some pharmaceutical companies are trying frantically to find inhibitors of telomerase. Such a drug could, in theory, be used to
cure cancer
The human female has 23 DIFFERENT chromosomes, whereas the human male has 24 DIFFERENT ones.
Human DNA contains 20% C on a molar basis. The percentage of G on a molar basis would be
a. true
Which of the following is an essential element of plasmids used as cloning vectors
an origin of replication
. If a cellular homogenate was subjected to differential centrifugation, which of the following would be expected to pellet first?
The EXACT site of ribosomal RNA synthesis is
DNA is condensed as chromosomes for a very short time during interphase.
The human genome is comprised of 23 pairs of chromosomes found in nearly every cell in the body. Each cell would have how many replication origins?
When conducting research to determine which viral macromolecule actually entered an infected cell, 32P and 35S isotopes were used to grow the virus particles. The 35S would label
Heterochromatin is
transcriptionally inactive
Tertiary structure of a protein. The interior has amino acids.
The type of chromatography which could be usedto separate protein A (MW 36,000 daltons, pI 7.3) from protein B (MW 937,000 daltons, pI 7.3) upon this given data is
molecular sieve
Protein A and B were analyzed by 2D gel electrophoresis.The diagram on the right is the result. We can conclude that
protein A is larger than B
Regulation of protein activity by phosphorylation and dephosphorylation requires
Which level of protein structure is held together by hydrophobic interactions between non-polar side chains and hydrogen bonds between polar side chains?
A compact and stable folded region of polypeptide usually related to a specific function is called a
. A single protein may have both alpha helical and beta pleated sheet secondary structures
Cys may play a role in
a. primary structure b. secondary structure c. tertiary structure d. quarternary structure e. a, c and d
The isomeric form of amino acids that living organisms are able to utilize is
The 6 common atoms in living systems: H, C, N, P, O and S each form a characteristic number of covalent bonds. For C, this number is
. The synthesis of macromolecules by polymerization of monomeric subunits typically proceeds by
The member of the pair at the right that H2C=CH2 H3C-CH3 is most reduced is
Which of the following reactions are energetically favorable
Energetically favorable reactions are those that
decrease the free energy of a system
Which of the following features generally tend to increase the number of catalytic events an enzyme accomplishes per second?
increased substrate concentration
Competitive inhibitors
don’t change the Vmax of a rxn
The larger the binding energy between E and S, the larger the KM and the more likely they will be paired.
. Activated carriers, such as ATP, acetyl-CoA, transfer chemical groups.
. Fatty acids are
. Over the course of a day, in a normal individual the circulating levels of glucose vary around a mean of 90 mg/dL. What would this value be expressed as a molar concentration of glucose in blood, which is the way it is typically reported in the rest of the world? The MW of glucose is 180.
5x10 -3
Radioisotopes differ from the normal, nonradioactive form of their elements by
# neutrons
Avagadro’s number 6.023 x 1023 indicates
#molec in 1 mole of given sub
All catabolic reactions involving macromolecules require input of
DNA is negatively charged at physiological pH. A protein Z binds to DNA through noncovalent ionic interactions involving lysines. What will be the effect of acetylation of the lysine side chains (see figure) in protein Z on the strength of this binding?
) It should decrease because the acetylated lysine no longer has a positive charge.
Covalent bonds could be used in place of noncovalent bonds to mediate most of the biochemical reactions of macromolecules.
If oxidation occurs in a biochemical reaction, it is always accompanied by a reduction reaction.
We humans use oxidation reactions to extract energy from food molecules.
All of the following contain double membranes EXCEPT
liposomes, cells, lysosomes
Given what you know about the differences between procaryotic cells and eucaryotic cells, which of the following processes would not be to study in the model organism, E. coli.
how mitochondria get distributed to cells during cell division
Which of the following is not a characteristic or distinction of living organisms?
high organ. Cmpd to non living
Of the following items, the smallest is
The specialized cell types in the body of a multicellular organism are different from each other chiefly because
diff genes are switched on in diff cell types
Which of the following cellular structures or compartments is found in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes.
Which of the following statements about the basic chemistry of cells is TRUE?
The genetic instructions in all cells are stored in DNA
Mitochondria take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen
Yeasts are
Which membrane of mitochondria was derived from the cell membrane of the ancestral eucaryotic cell ?