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The mission of the MPF is to provide quality personnel support to CC's, AF members, and their family through
Administration of personnel programs
The agency that is the focal point for translating military personnel policies and programs into actions affecting personnel and acts as the personnel research manager is the
Regardless of comman affiliation, active duty MPF's service all active duty AF members collocated
an installation with a host command MPF
In the objective wing structure, the MPF is aligned under the
Mission Support Squadron (MSS)
To what activity must AFRC MPF forward deviation requests in order to obtain approval before implementation
AFRC-DPXM(Air Force Reserve Center)
Establishing a Base Individual Mobilization Augmentee function is based on the number of individual mobilization augmentees
serviced and the total number of BIMAA's available
The functional link between the MPF, CSS, and MILPDS is the MPF
Personnel Systems Function
The two elements of the MPF customer support section are customer service and
career enhancements
What MPF element is responsible for updating sponsor and family member personnel information
Customer Service
Who ensures equitable assignment of 3SoX1 personnel for host units?
MPF Commander or superintendent
The MPF accomplishes all personnel actions where personnel are
not assigned to a GSU and the GSU has no administrative capablity
A request to establish an AF Reserve Satellite personnel activity must be submitted by or through the
numbered Air Force to HQ-AFRC
Which is not basic parameter/interface for a satellite personnel activity(SPA)
SPA must belong to the host MAJCOM
A joint mission is employment to forces of
2 or more services in a coordinated action toward a common mission
Joint doctrine allows CC's and their staff to focus on solving problems in all of the following areas except
Which is not a personnel journeyman duty
advising members on official and personal obligations incident to relocation, training, and promotion
Which personnel journeyman duty corresponds with the personnel journeyman responsibility of ensuring proper counseling of individuals on personnel benefits, programs, and procedures
Overseas personnel activites and functions
Creation of force status information of the wartime function of personnel accountability depends heavily on
force manpower requirements
Which wartime function is not considered a force sustainement mission
Activities normally focused on the individual rather than the unit
When collecting info under the AF privacy act, it is DOD policy
to protect individuals from unwarranted invasion of the property
Which item of info can you release to a third party w/o written consent from the individual
Base pay
When the info is to be entered into a system of records, collect all info directly from the individual in order to preclude any adverse determinations about an individuals
Rights, benefits, or privileges
Give classified info only to persons who have been granted the appropriate clearance have a need to know the info and
have signed a Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement
Interior pages of a classified document are conspicuously marked or stamped at the top and bottom with the
highest classification of information appearing on that page
Top secret classification requires that documents be stored in a GSA-approved security container with a
secure room with an intrusion detection system
On which forms do you record end of day security checks
SF Form 701
Which method of destruction is not authorized for classified documents
Which of the following may be used when sending an administrative communication with a secret classification to an office on the installation via the Base Information Transfer System
AF Form 12 and container numbers
Normally, when would you take follow up action if the AF Form 12, Accountable Container Receipt has not returned
Within 14 workdays from date of dispatch
When you discover discrepancies as you process incoming accountable communications you must
notify the sending immediately
Which statement best describes military personnel data system folders
Folders are private or public used to retrieve and update personnel info
Which option is available in the auto query filed box in the Save Folder
PC3 holds users accountable for their actions by writing each application that processed to a log file and attaching the specific users
login to that application
Under the MILPDS what is the vital link in determining security in the human resources environment
For MILPDS you must have a unique User ID. The possibility that your User ID is reused is
Moderately high
What office is the office of primary responsiblity for Personnel Support for Contingency operations policy and combat crisis Action Team/Manpower and Personnel Readiness Center within the AF Combat Operations Group
Personnel Readiness and Joint Matters Division
When discussing PERSCO policy, HQ USAF/DPFJ
Maintains AF personnel accountability for all AF-supported Contingency, wartime, exercise, and emergency operations
A core unit type code is a method of
improving the AF's overall combat capability by ensuring that a command structure is available at each location
Accountability for deploying personnel from the time they arrive at the deployment processing function until they leave their home station is the responsibility of the
Personnel Deployment Function
The info necessary for the PERSCO team or MPF @ the employment site to account for deployed personnel gained during a contingency is contained at the
Personnel Accountability Kit
The status of resource and training system is
automated reporting system that function as the central registry for all operational units for the armed forces and foreign organizations
Which units are measured(tracked) in status of resource and training system
Combat or combat support
The term "Operation Plan" applies to
any plan, except the single integrated operation plan for the conduct of military operations
In operation planning, forces, and supplies are identified in
Time-phase force deployment data files
The detail of a finished operation plan depends on the
the time available and the likelihood of executing the plan
Mobilization encompasses all activities necessary to
prepare systematically and selectively for war
What are the categories of mobilization
Full, partial, total, and push pull
With appropriate mobilization authority under the total force policy, selected units, and personnel may be mobilized within
24 hours
When full mobilization.integration has been ordered, AFR master personnel records are forwarded to
When the AF conducts mobilization/integration and any level of activation has been directed then active duty retirees are placed under operational and admin control of the
Regular Air Force
What personnel Support for contingency operation team meber is responsible for developing a tentative shift schedule
PERSCO team chief/NCOIC
The MANPER-B software system is comprised of what two main applications
Main and PERSCO
Which is a function of the MANPER-B module that identifies members filling deployment taskings
Receive, build, maintain plans database
Under the MANPER-B the unit type code section or records names "details" identifies
all types and numbers of AF specialty codes required to perform the stated mission
The PERSCO team and MPF's submit the departure report as soon as
all information is available but not later than 2 hours after personnel departure
Deployed CC's use filler and replacement requests to identify
personnel requirements needed to help meet mission objectives
What agency tasks filler and replacement requirements to the command or organization that it decides can best handle the personnel requirement
Headquarters AF Personnel Center (HQ AFPC)
Under which program does the AF manage rotational requirements supporting long term contingency operations
Who may authorize a member PTDY for house-hunting prior to PCS
Current Commander
Oversea returness may be authorized up to how many days PTDY for pre-retirement relocation
30 days
At the end of the fiscal year, AF members who are assigned to an operational mission at the national level can keep accrued leave up to
90 days when they have at least 60 days assigned
Commanders may delegate leave approval authority for PTDY to a level that is no lower
than squadron section commander