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Explain the desired design of the dental chair?
It should have a thin, narrow back, provide complete body support for the recumbent patient, and have indepently powered back (tilt) and seat (lift) controls. The chair should permit rotation for better patient positioning.
What powers and controls the dental chair?
An electric motor drives the hydraulic pumps to enable the back of the chair to tilt and the base of the chair to lift. These movements are controlled by switches located on the back of the chair or by foot controls.
Briefly explain the pre-position switch and the auto return switch?
Pre-position switch places the chair into a preset treatment position; auto return switch returns the the chair to the patient entry/exit position.
How do you stop the pre-position and auto return switches, once they are activated?
To stop, press any other switch or the safety stop plate.
What can be done if the switches/ pre-set positions are incorrect?
Consult the manufacurer's instuctions to make adjustments.
What is the safety stop plate?
A safety feature which immediately stops the chair movement if a foot or piece of equipment becomes lodged under the chair.
As long as pressure is applied to the safety stop plate, how does the chair operate?
The base-up function is the only chair position which functions in this mode.
What feature provides easier patient entry and exit?
Movable armrests which either slide back or raise up.
What is the purpose of the swivel/brake device?
Allows the dental chair to rotate to apprximately 45 degrees either side of the center and then lock in position.
Explain how to use and position the headrest?
To adjust higher or lower, pull up or push down on the headrest. To tilt backward, press and hold the headrest lock release button, then tilt to the desired position. Release the button to lock the headrest against backward pressure. To move foward, push headrest to the desired position.
What do you do before seating your first patient of the day?
Always perform a visual inspection and an operational check of the chair. Look for oil leaks and broken or missing parts. Ensure the exterior surface is clean and the upholstery is in good repair, with no tears or other damage.