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What management notice is produced when a consolidated shipment is recieved?
Which transaction exception code (TEX) code is not used when attempting to process a material reciept for a bulk issu item during inventory?

Which option is not a category of reciept variances?
Serviceable reciept
For an overage reciept, what action must be taken on the reciept document?
Circle the incorrect qty and put the correct quantity actually recieved above it.
Which materiel management complex individuals are authorized to determine the condition of property for the supply account?
The physical state that determines the usefulness of an item to carry out its intended purpose is the
Which of the following three things does a materiel management inspector uses to identify an item?
Stock number, reference number, and item description
What computer input is made to initiate a condition change?
Who is notified to determine the shelf life coding for a stored item that appears to be deteriorating and is excluded from shelf life control?
Item manager and HQ AFMC
How many days before the expiration date are type II shelf life items scheduled for serviceability testing?
15 to 45
What transaction identification code (TRIC) and activity code is used to process items accounted for on mobility readiness spares package(MRSP), war reserve materiel(WRM), or supply point details to maintenance for a functional check?
Who forwards two copies of each time compliance technical order(TCTO) publication with a cover letter to materiel management inspector?
Base Maintenance quality control
how often are on-the-shelf-time-compliance technical order(TCTO) items inspected to ensure TCTO compliance is being accomplished?
A time-compliance technical order (TCTO) item is identified in the computer by a TCTO flag or by
What computer input is used to load a time compliance technical order flag?
Which computer input is used to load a suspect materiel flag to an item?
FCD with an "S" in position 48
Who maintains inquiry images for items that are unsuitable for Air Force use?
Materiel Management inspector
The inspection offline checklist (R32) should be processed at least
The document that specifies materiel safety data(MSDS) requirements for government purchases is
Which activity must approve all additions or deletions to the Health Hazard approval Listing(HHAL)?
Item Manager
How are electrostatic sensitive devices (ESD) identifed on the item record?
Type Cargo Code 3
Which transaction identification code (TRIC) and activity code is used to process an electrostatic sensitive device (ESD) on a detail record to maintenance for testing?
The responsibility for maintaining effective property management of all air force-owned property belongs to
Individuals at all levels
Who appoints responsible individuals with the lawful duty to maintian accurate records of property?
Wing or Vice wing commander
Who was chartered by HQ USAF as the centralized Air Force program manager for all Mechanized Materiel handling Systems (MMHS) and storage aids systems (SAS)?
Materiels handling engineering office
Which type of warehouse equipment is part of a storage aid system?
General purpose shelves
Prime factors in determining the best possible space layouts for storage operations are
effeciancy of operations and effective space utilization
What item storage factor is used when items with the slowest turnover rate are stored in areas farther from active stock processing areas?
When you increase the amount of space for an item in a location to eliminate overflow into another item's location, you are implementing what item storage factor?
Which warehouse aisle runs the entire length of the warehouse?
Which warehouse aisle can increase the possibility of pilferage in a warehouse?
The practice of storing items in a way that causes a loss of storage space is called
How much clearance space, in inches, must be maintained below automatic sprinkler heads in a storage space when stack hieghts exceed 15 feet
How many inches of space must be maintained around light or heating fixtures in a storage space?
The total or maximum amount of weight that can be stored in a specific amount of floor space is known as
floor load limit
Which method of storage helps to ensure that the oldest items are issued before they become outdated?
First in first out
What type items (including narcotics, precious metals, arms, and ammunition) require a high degree of protection and control due to statutury requirements or regulations?
sensitive items
What supply controlled item code is assigned to precious metals?
How often must the combination on combination padlocks be changed for classified storage?
What individual or activity schedules and conducts a warehouse location validation for satellite accounts?
Storage activity
All assigned warehouse locations must be validated at least
The storage activity should complete scheduled validations within how many work days of the start of a cycle inventory
"FID" entries on the Daily Document Register are arranged sequentially by
When property is found in a location with a corresponding FID entry on the Daily Document Register (D04), what must be entered on the special inventory request?
Location of the property
All copies of a warehouse refused documentare forwarded to what supply element?
When controlled items, which are not already specified by an item exception (IEX) code, are approved by the unit commander in writting to be placed on bench stock, they are assigned issued(IEX) code
How many days before a scheduled semiannual phase II review is a complete inventory and replenishment done?
How often must standard reporting designator (SRD) data and minimum reserve authorization(MRA) levels be validated?
What listings controls the assignment of bench stock item numbers and helps shop personnel locate bench stock items?
Sample inventories were developed to provide better use of
personnel and time
Verifying the physical count balance and recording the accuracy of the count formats are the most important elements of what type inventory?
Which program assigns freeze code "C" to all item records specified within the report parameter for a complete inventory?
Inventory count file program (M10)
To indicate the additional research is needed, the inventory recount (IRC) image contains a recount/research indicator of
The type account for an Item to be considered for an automatic adjustment is
An automatic adjustment for a pilferable item occurs when the record balance does not agree with the recount quantity and the dollar value of the adjustment is less than
What type of inventory discrepency occurs due to an accountable processing errors?
resolved discrepencies
What form is not a type of supporting documentation for an inventory adjustment?
AFTO 350, repairable Item processing tag.
The last page of the M10 shows the number of sample inventories in progress over how many days?
What function ensured that certification and approved signatures are on the original copy of the Consolidated Inventory Adjustment Document Register (M10)?