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Shoulder ortho tests
(not including TOS tests)
Dugas, Apprehension, Calloways sign, Drop arm test, Apleys scratch, Suprispinatus press, Subacromial push button, Impingement, Dawburns, Yergasons, Abbot-Saunders, Speeds, Transverse humeral lig test.
TOS ortho tests
Allens sign, Wrights, Adsons, Mod. Adsons, Costoclavicular, Edens, Reverse Bakodys
Shoulder ROM
Flex - 180
Ext - 50
Abd - 180
Add - 50
Int rot - 90
Ext rot - 90
Elbow ROM
Flex - 140
Ext - 0
Pron - 80
Sup - 80
Wrist ROM
Flex - 60
Ext - 60
Rad dev - 20
Ulnar dev - 30
Elbow ortho tests
Valgus/Varus stress, Cozens, Golfers, Mills, Tinels elbow sign
Wrist ortho tests
Allens test, Tinels wrist sign, Finkelsteins, Phalens, Rev. Phalens, Bracelet test, Carpal lift, Froments paper sign
Knee ROM
Flex - 135
Ext - 0
Int rot - 10
Ext rot - 10
Knee ortho tests
Abduction stress, Adduction stress, Ant drawer sign, Post drawer sign, Lackmans, McMurrays, Bounce home, Patellar grinding, Patellar apprehension, Clarkes sign, Patellar ballottement, Apleys compression, Apleys distraction
Flex - 100
Ext - 30
Abd - 45
Add - 30
Int rot - 40
Ext rot - 45
Hip ortho tests (supine)
Anvil, Fabere, Laquerre, Thomas, Milgrams, Goldwaits
Hip ortho tests (prone)
Hibbs, Nachlas, Elys, Yeomans
Hip ortho tests (side lying, seated, and standing)
side lying - Obers
seated - Kemps
standing - Trendelenburgs
Ankle / foot ROM
Plant flex - 45
Dorsiflex - 20
Inversion - 35
Eversion - 15
Toe ext - 70
Toe flex - 45
Ankle / foot ortho tests
Ant drawer, Post drawer, Lat stability, Med stability, Tinnels foot, Thompsons, Achilles tap, Buergers, Homans sign, Mortons