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How do you convert an LWAPP AP back to standalone mode?
The frequency of a signal occurring one thousand times a second.
1 kHz
The name of wireless networks that extend local area networks.

Wireless Local Area Network
DSSS speeds.
1, 2, 5.5, and 11 Mbps
A controller function to handle client roaming.

Radio Resource Management
The term that describes by how much the signal is better than the noise level?

Signal to Noise Ratio
A system where a wired network links two access points.

Extended Service Set
Frames that contain data and also null-function frames.
Data Frames
True or False

After setup, the web interface is usually HTTPS only.
Upon starting, the WZC will connect to what?
Any preferred network set to automatic.

The first automatic network in the preferred list.
Can configure the same types of profiles as the Cisco ADU and also create profiles to be deployed on the Cisco ADU.
Cisco ACAU
Where can you find the hardware info on the controller's web interface?
Controller > Inventory
The Cisco Mobility Solution includes what hardware?
Cisco 521 AP
Cisco 526 WLC
An address for representing the controllers as a cluster.
Virtual Gateway IP
The type of network a user can create with the client version of the Cisco SSC.
Wireless PSK
The Apache web server, Tomcat, and an FTP server are installed by what?
Cisco WCS
The accuracy of location appliances.
90% within 10 meters.
The purpose of recent map.
Display the last known position of a device.
Where can you see the number of APs supported on the local controller?
Monitor > AP summary
The way an access point starts distributed coordinate function.
Sends a special beacon set to priority 32768
Is always found in beacon and probe request.

Service Set Identifier
The term that describes when a signal is spread in many directions by small particles.
What issue can a time configuration error create on a controller.
It refuses clients and APs
WPA uses what to automatically change the keys?

Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
What is necessary when using the Cisco IOS-to-LWAPP conversion utility?
Telnet access to the controller
The possibility to send multiple signals that are combined on the receiver's single antenna.

Transmit Beamforming
On the controller's web GUI where do you verify the AP hardware being used?
Wireless > All APs
Wireless configuration tool used in a Linux OS.
Network Manager
Used to help communication between stations.
Control Frames
Layer 2 technique used in wireless to avoid collisions.

Carrier Sense Multiple Access Collision Avoidance
The name of a wireless network covering an area the size of a city.

Metro Wide Area Network
The amount of Cisco Compatible Extensions features that were made available.
less than 70
Which command lets you see the controller config in the same format as another Cisco device?
show running-config
How do you back up the controller's config file?
From the web GUI

Commands > Upload > Configuration
Controller code is archived in what file format that contains 3 files?
Controllers and APs must be in the same subnet.
Layer 2 LWAPP
LWAPP phase where certificates are exchanged for encryption.
LWAPP join phase
In which EAP method is only a server-side certificate required?

Protected Extensible Access Protocol
Which EAP method uses a PAC?
Maximum EIRP in the 2.4 GHz band as per the ETSI rules.
20 dBm
Created during the two-way group key handshake and it provides the group key and a MIC.
Group Temporal Key
Controller that attracts APs without primary controller config.
Master Controller
Required to be the same on all controllers involved for inter-controller roaming to work.
Mobility Group
The effect of increasing the gain of an omnidirectional antenna.
The vertical beam narrows
The amount of time a client has to wait before being able to send a frame in a cells normal operation.
The duration of it's N.A.V.

Network Allocation Vector
LWAPP messages can be read where on the controller.
AP mode that provides info about the RF environment.
Monitor Mode
Amount of profiles you can make with the ADU.
What is the Cisco Site Survey Utility used for?
Perform basic network analysis.
The name of the distance between the higher crest of a wave and the lower crest.
Which WiMax standard is the current backbone version?
What is RRM?
Radio Resource Management
Used for managing a user's ability to connect to another station.
Management Frame
Wireless area of coverage of an AP

Basic Service Area
Transforms each bit into an 11-bit chip.
Barker 11
DSSS combats interference by doing what?
Sending a wide signal spread of 22 MHz
How does OFDM compare to DSSS?
OFDM uses small carriers

DSSS uses one large carrier
The magnetic field is oriented where in comparison to the electric field?
90 degrees on the left
Where is MAC filtering enabled?
In the WLAN menu
The ability to identify non-802.11 sources of interference is a feature of what?
Cisco Spectrum Intelligence
The amount of time an AP spends scanning each channel in local mode.
60 ms
Creates noise that increases when the telephone is off the hook.
Effects of a DECT type phone
Why is debug a CLI only command?
It requires a live interaction with the controller
When is an ACK sent?
After every data frame
The range of 802.16e/WiMax
5 miles
Where can you configure an AP on the Cisco WCS
Configure AP
Installed as a file uploaded to Cisco WCS after the installation.
Connector used on Cisco APs.
EAP method in which a certificate must be installed on both the authentication server and the supplicant.
Monitoring of coverage holes, performance reporting, and location tracking are features of what?
Cisco WCS
Mandates AES and doesn't allow TKIP. It also only allows AES in its CCMP variant.
What must be configured on the RADIUS server to allow the suplicant to request a PAC in EAP-FAST?
Anonymous PAC provisioning
Wireless configuration used in MAC OSX.
AirPort Extreme
What color represents a major alarm level in the dashboard?
Device that can be used to extend the range of an AP.
Created during the 4-way handshake in WPA.
Pairwise Transient Key
The amount of non-overlapping channels in Europe.