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How would you disable DNS resolution on a router?
no ip domain-lookup
How would you view the routing table on a router?
show ip route
How would you set the IP address for the serial 0 interface to
interface serial 0
ip address
How would you set the password for console connections to "cisco"?
line console 0
password cisco
How would you set the password for telnet connections to "cisco"?
line vty 0 4
password cisco
What does the show hosts command do?
Lists all hostnames and IP addresses that are known, either static entries that were entered manually or dynamic entries learned through DNS lookups.
How would you prevent a router from printing error and debug informational messages that obscure commands you are in the middle of typing?
logging synchronous
How would you set the name servers for a router to and
ip name-server

ip name-server
ip name-server
How would you tell a router to display subnet masks instead of using prefix notation?
terminal ip netmask-format decimal
In the output of the show ip route command, what does a "C" on the left side mean?
That the router has a direct physical connection to that subnet, and the related interface is in Up and Up status.
How would you bring down the Ethernet 0 interface for administration, and how would you verify that status once it was done?

How would you bring the interface back up when you were done?
interface ethernet 0
show ip interface brief

interface ethernet 0
no shutdown
What would the command "clock rate 128000" do? And under what conditions might it fail?
It manually sets the transmission rate for an interface. There must be a DCE cable present for the command to succeed, if a DTE cable is present, for instance, it will fail.
What does ICMP stand for?
Internet Control Message Protocol
What are the ICMP message types?
Destination Unreachable
Time exceeded
If you typed "ping" and received the following ouptut, what would it mean?

There was no reply from that address.
What are the different "Destination Unreachable" ICMP codes, and what kind of devices can send them?
Network unreachable - router
Host unreachable - router
Can't Fragment - router
Protocol Unreachable - Endpoint host
Port unreachable - Endpoint Host
What keystroke combination would you use to suspend an active telnet session?
Ctrl-Shift-6 followed by "X"
How could you see a list of currently suspended telnet sessions?
show sessions
What is CDP?
Cisco Discovery Protocol - it discovers basic information about other routers and switches without having to log in to them.
What can CDP discover about neighboring network devices?
IP and Data-Link Addresses
Port Identifier
How could you enter a static host definition on a router?
ip host <name> <address>