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A router that does not have an ISDN connection is called a ___________?
Which of the following are mandatory steps of configuring legacy DDR
1. Specify Intersting Traffic
2. Configure the Dialer
3. Define Static Route
Which of the following can cause routing protocol problems if multiple VC's are configured on a single access unit
Split Horizon
How does a frame relay switch reduce network congestion?
By Dropping Frames
BRI consits of ____ B channels and ____ D Channels
2 B channels
1 D channel
2 Advantages of PPP over HDLC are ______
Authentication & link quality management
Non ISDN compatible Terminal Equipment is known as
The most common topology deployed in Frame Relay is
Star topology
When Using Frame Relay after the router learns about the VC's that are connected, it sends what type of request to discover layer 3 address information at the other end of the VC?
Inverse Arp
How is the Bearer channel or Channel B defined?
As a clear digital path of 64kbps
Why does a static route take precedence over a dynamic route when configuring DDR?
lower administrative distance
When using frame relay what is a good way to solve split horizon problem
use a full mesh topology
What is a system that is being accessed by a user from another system
remote host
What is the most popular protocol for managing Diverse commercial, university and research internetworks.
What command displays current call information including caller ID and time until call is disconnected?
show isdn active
__________ is a bit set on every frame that switch recieves on the congested link?
Forward ECN
_______ stores errors and utilization statistics for pairs of communicating nodes of the network.
traffic matrix group