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What determines the availablity of router neighbors?
Hello Mechanism
What OSPF interfaces automatically recognize OSPF network types?
Broadcast multi-access Ethernet

Point-to-point networks
Nonbroadcast multi-access (NMBA) such as Frame Relay
What's the Multicast address for all OSPF routers?
What do balanced hybrid routing protocols combine?
Distance vector and link state protocols
What does DUAL stand for?
Diffusing Update Algorithm
How often are Hello packets sent out for EIGRP? Select two
For (T1 or slower) NBMA networks, hello packets are sent every 60 seconds.

For networks faster than NBMA, hello packets are sent every 5 seconds
What routing protocol is associated with DUAL
Which distance vector routing protocol can utilize classless routing?
Which distance vector routing protocol multicast to communicate updates to other routers?
What is teh default hold down timer for RIP
180 seconds
Which link state routing protocols cost metric is based on bandwidth?
Which routing protocol elects a designated router to send updates to other area routers?
Which routing protocol uses the Dijkstra algorithm?
Which protocol is considered a hybrid?
Which Cisco proprietary routing protocol uses bandwidth and delay as its default metric?
Which routing protocol uses RTP of the transport layer?
Which command used to display RIP routing updates as they are sent and received?
debug ip rip
An area on OSPF network may be assigned any number from
0 to 65,535
The default admin. Distance for EIGRP is
What command used to set interface bandwidth?
router (config-if)#bandwidth kbps
Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM) is used to
Create efficient and scaleable address schemes
When using VLSM to help manage IP addresses, a subnet mask should
satisfy the requirements of a LAN with one subnet mask and the requirements of a point-to-point WAN with another subnet mask
Route summarization can only be done on networks using
one of the classless routing protocols, OSPF or EIGRP
RIP v1 sends updates as broadcasts to address
By default, routers learn paths to destinations what three different ways?
b. Static routes, default routes, dynamic routes
Which of the following Rules is not valid for configuring VLSM?
All network numbers must be evenly divisible by 2
What are some advantages of OSPF over RIP
Faster convergence and Lower succeptibility to routing loops
What 3 tables are maintained by EIGRP
Neighbor Table
Routing Table
Topology Table
When you compared OSPF to Rip v1 and v2 why is it the preferred IGP?
Because it is scalable
What is the list called that each router keeps of its adjacent neighbors?
adjacency database
What subnet mask should you use when configuring an OSPF loop interface?
What is the default for Hellos being sent?
5 seconds
What do EIGRP routers rely on to converge quickly?