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A router initializes by loading
The bootstrap, operating system, and a configuration file
If a router cannot find a configuration file
It enters setup mode
A backup copy of the configuration file may be saved to
The goal of the startup routines of the Cisco IOS software is to
Start the router operations
Upon starting, the router must veryify that hardware is
tested and functional
the startup routines must find and load
The Cisco IOS software
the startup routines must find and apply
the startup configuration file or enter the setup mode
During POST, diagnostics from ROM on all hardware modules verify the basic operation of
The CPU, memory, and the network interface ports
Ater the POST, the generic
Bootstrap loader in ROM executes
The boot field of the configuration register determines the location used to
load IOS
If the boot field indicates a flash or network load, boot system commands in the configuration file indicate
The exact name and location of the image
When the IOS is loaded and operational, a listing of the available hardware and software components is sent to
The console terminal screen
After POST, the configuration file saved in NVRAM is loaded into
Main memory and executed one line at a time
The configuration commands start
Routing processes, supply addresses for interfaces, and define other operating characteristics of the router
If no valid configuration file exists in NVRAM
The operating system searches for an available TFTP server
If no TFTP server is found
The setup dialog is initiated
Setup mode is not intended to be used to enter
complexed protocol features
Setup permits administrators to to install a basic configuration for routers when
A configuration cannot be obtained from another source
In the setup mode default answers appear in
square brackets following a question
To use these defaults press which key
During the setup process, pressing Ctrl-C will
Terminate the process
When Ctrl-C is used to terminate the setup
All interfaces are administratively shut down
Go to the IOS command prompt without saving this config
Return to setup without saving config
Save this configuration to NVRAM and exit