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consumer goods p.537
the name given to products made for personal use
installment buying p.537
the plan that allows a buyer to take home a product after only paying a part of the selling price; the buyer makes an installment payment each month.
assembly line p. 538
process of putting product together one part at a time as they move past a line of workers
aviation p.539
air transportation
commercial industry p. 539
a company run to make a profit
jazz p. 539
a kind of music that grew out of the African American musical heritage.
stock market p. 542
a place where people can buy and sell stocks, or shares of businesses
depression p. 543
a time where there is little money and little economic growth.
bureaucracy p. 545
a growing number of government workers that are needed to run government programs
unemployment p. 545
the number of people w/o jobs
minimum wage p. 545
the lowest pay a worker can receive by law.
hydroelectric dam p. 546
a dam that uses the water it stores to produce electricity ex. Hoover Dam.
concentration camp p. 551
Nazi prison for Jews during WWII
civilian p. 554
a person who is not in the military
rationing p. 555
limiting what can be bought or sold during a war; each citizen was given a coupon book for each kind of item that was rationed
relocation camp p. 555
camps that were like prisons where Japanese-Americans were sent during WWII
front p. 557
battle line
D-day p. 557
day of the largest water to land invasion in history (June 6. 1944)
Holocaust p. 559
a deliberate attempt to destroy an entire people; Hitler called it "the final solution to the Jewish problem."
island-hopping p. 559
Allied troops would take back the islands one at a time until they reached Tokyo and they would bomb Japan at the same time.
communism p. 561
a social and economic system in which all land and industries are owned by the government. Individuals have few rights and little freedom.
free world p. 561
the U.S. and its allies were known as the Free World in their fight against communism
cold war p. 561
fought with propaganda and money rather than soldiers and weapons.