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Chapter 14 Civil War and Reconstruction
border state, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, assassination, sharecropping, Reconstruction, scalawag, carpetbagger, segregation
border state
areas of the country that had a difficult time taking sides during the Civil War because they were in the middle of the North and the South
Emancipation Proclamation
an order to free all slaves in the South
Gettysburg Address
a short speech given to dedicate a cemetery for those who died there during a great battle of the Civil War
the murder of a political leader
a system in which land owners paid their workers in shares for farming their land
a time of rebuilding and making plans to bring the country back together after the Civil War
a person who supports something for their own gain
Northerners who went to the South to try to help with the Reconstruciton or to make money buying land or opening businesses
a separation of black and white people