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What is herpes Simplex?
A viral infection characterized by a localized primary lesion, latency and a tendency to localized recurrence
Herpes simplex type 1 and 2 may effect?
the genital tract or the oral mucosa.
In approximately __% of HSV-1 primary infections, overt disease may appear as an illness of varying severity.

* Marked by fever and malaise lasting a week or more.
HSV-1 Causes __% of acute pharngotonsillitis, usually as a primary infection.
Reactivation of latent infection commonly results in what?
Cold sores or fever blisters

* of the lips and face (they heal within days)
Severe and extensive spread of infection may occur in those who are?
immunodeficient and immunosuppressed.
HSV-1 is a common cause of?
What are sign common signs of HSV-1?
Fever, leukocytosis, meningeal irritation, drowsiness, confusion, stupor, coma and focal neurological may occur and are frequently referable to one or the other temporal region.
How is HSV-2 generally transmitted?