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organizational constraints
Organizational Goals
-increas revenue and profits
-shorten development cycles nad increase productivity
-better customer support
-open organization information infrastructure
Organizational Table
-increase competitiveness
-reduce cost
-improve customer support
-add new customer serbces
Planned Applications Table
-voice networking
-web browsing
-voice on demand
Planned Intelligent Network Services
-High Availabilty
-IP Multicast
Technical Goals
-improve performance
-improve security and reliabilty
-decrease downtime
-modernize technologies
-improve scalabilty
-simplify network management
Tech Goals Table (6)
technical constraints (3)
existing equipment
bandwidth availabitly
application compatibilty
Characterizing an Existing Network
customer input
network audit
network analysis
Customer inputs on existing network infrastructure by talking about:
-network services- routing, security, QoS
-network topology- network devices, physical and logical links, encapsulations, bandwidth
-network solutions and applications

collect infor about future networks
important because designers should see if the design is needed only at the network layer or if the other layers are involved, such as the application and physical & data link layers
Memorize the Network Organizational Application Model
Policy Cycle
-set the policy
-adhere to policy
-executives /leaders- make all key decisions about overall direction and policies

-department/unit managers- manage and control organizational projects and activities

-employees- contribute effort, and knowledge
What 2 policies affect the achievement of organizational goals
-organizational specific policy
-common corporation policy
Goals to achieve networking contributions (6)
Network Life Cycle
PDIOO and retirement
Design Phases are presnet in all other phases
planning requires design
implementing phase important for design verification
operating and optimizing also may trigger redesign
8 steps in Design Methodology
-identify customer requirements
-characterize existing network
-design topolgy and network solutions
-plan the implementation
-build pilot network (optional)
-document a design
-implement and verify design
-monitor and optionally redesign
Top Design Practices
requirement analysis is performed nbefore acutal technology selection

integrated into network design

goes down the OSI model
Structured Design Approach
Compare top down approach and bottom down approach
basically top down is better because it involves the customer a lot more and it is bad because more time consuming

bottom approach is good because its faster but implements little or no of customer requirements
What are some determinanats of the design project scope?
-WAN upgrade
-network layer redundancy
-data link redundancy
-network redesign