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the two types of chemical protective clothing
-permeable and non-permeable
difference between permeable and non-permeable protective gear
permeable allows air and moisture to pass through fabric
What is the most important factor influencing the work performance of personnel wearing MOPP in warm environments
MOPP ready
-FPM carried
-permeable protective ensemble available within two hours
MOPP zero
-FPM carried
-protective ensemble within 5 min
-FPM carried
-protective trousers and jacket worn
-within reach are gloves and gvo/bvo
-FPM carried
-wearing chem protective trousers and jacket, bvo/gvo
-protective gloves within arm's reach
-wearing FPM, hood, protective trousers and jacket, and BVO/GVO
-gloves within arms reach
wearing full gear
difference between persistent and non-persistence agents
persistent agents effect area for more than 12 hours and non-persistent lasts less than 12 hours
ID persistent attacks
air bursting, ground contaminating
ID non-persistent attacks
ground bursting, air contaminating
nerve agent effects on body
-interfere with nerve signals transmitted through central nervous system
-causes muscles to contract and tighten
nerve agent antidote kit Mark 1
-two injectors - one with 2mg of atropine and one with 600mg of 2PAMC1
how are blood agents absorbed into the body
primarily by breathing
what does the ABC-M8 Chemical Agent detector paper check for
it checks for liquid chem agents
yellow M8 paper means
Red M8 paper means
blister agents H, L, and CX
Dark green M8 paper means
M9 paper detects
-all liquid chem agents
-does not detect vapors
biological attack indicators
-mysterious illnesses
-large numbers of unusual insects
-large numbers of dead animals
-flu-like symptoms
-sore throats
-skin rash
-mental abnormalities
chem attack indicators
-irritation of the eyes, nose and throat
-increased rate of breathing
-tightness in throat
automatic masking
when high probability indicators are present Marines automatically go to MOPP4