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Define Transudate:
color, total protein, + cells, etc...
Transudate: LOW Prot/LOW Cells
Clear, <3g/dl T.Prot, <1.018, <10,000 cells
Cz: leakage of fluid from capillaries
Pure transudate vs. Modified?
PURE: very low protein (<1g/dl), low osmotic P czd by hypoALB (inadequate intake or xs protein loss)
MODIFIED: impeded flow (venous stasis or impaired lymph drainage
Define Exudate
EXUDATE: Hi Protein/Hi cells Cloudy, >3g/dl, >1.018, >10,000 cells, clots
CZ: inc capillary permeability (ex: FIP)
Supperative inflammation
90% of inflammatory cells are Neutrophils, if bacteria present = septic supperative inflammation
Mixed inflammation
>10% <50% lymphocytes and/or macrophages; usually d/t foreign body or fungal
Mononuclear inflammation
Majority of cells are macrophages, giant cells; etiology is mycobacteria
Eosinophillic inflammation
>15% eosinophils