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Jose and Maria played ball in the living room.
The ball hit the lamp and broke it.
Sue saved the money she got for her birthday.
Sue went to the movies and bought herself some popcorn.
The dog swam in the lake.
The dog was all wet.
Someone left a rake in the front yard.
Mike walked across the yard and got hurt by the rake.
Katie touched the stove top.
She burned her finger.
Bob did a cannonball into the swimming pool.
The people next to the pool got splashed.
Tanya had an icecream cone on a hot day.
The icecream melted and made a mess.
Tim walked through a muddy puddle.
Tim got muddy footprints all over the house.
Ming practiced basketball everyday.
Ming made the winning basket and his team won the game!
Sara threw a stick.
Sara's dog fetched the stick.
Miguel left his bicycle in the driveway.
Dad drove over the bike and it was broken.
Selena did her homework.
The teacher gave her a sticker.
Nick forgot to do his homework.
Nick wasn't allowed to play at recess.
Jason read many books about snakes.
Jason knew alot about snakes.
Mr. Smith was late for work and drove fast.
The police officer gave him a speeding ticket.
Shuli finished eating her supper.
She was able to have 2 cookies for dessert.
Mom forgot her umbrella at home.
Mom got wet from the rain.
It was St. Patrick's Day!!
The children wore green to celebrate the holiday.
Jane stayed up late watching her favorite TV show.
She did badly on an important test in school the next day.
Chris did the dishes for his mom.
Mom was very happy and surprised.