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The spaceship couldn't land.
It is raining meteroids.
They couldn't see the Little Dipper.
The sun was shinning brightly.
The astronaut floated in the air.
There was no gravity on the moon.
The first Americans were able to cross a land bridge and migrate to North America.
The Ice Age created huge glaciers lowering water levels.
The Indian chiefs son died.
The chief kidnapped the white settlers son.
A peace treaty was established between the Indians and white settlers.
All the white captives had to be returned to their white families.
The hurricane violently passed over Florida.
Many in the community were without electricity.
The boys wandered off the trial.
They were lost for several hours.
The volcano erupted.
Lava burned up much of the countryside and smoke filled the air.
They drank all the water before the pinic started.
There wasn't any coke for dinner.
She studied for the test every night for a week.
She scored a 100.