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phaselus, -i, m/f.
ille, a, ud, pronoun/adj
that, that one; he, she, it
video, ere, vidi, visum
to see
hospes, itis, m./ hospita, ae, f.
host, hostess, gues, friend
to say, speak
nvais, is, f.
celer, is, adj
quick, swift, fast, hasty
ullus, (gen - ius, dat - i), adj
nato, are
to swim, float, to flow
impetus, us, m.
attack, charge, impulse, passion
trabs, abis, f.
beam, timber, tree, ship
nequeo, ire, ii, itum
to be unable
praetereo, ire, ii, itum
to go past, pass overtake
linteum, i, nt.
linen cloth, canvas, sail
minax, acis, adj.
threating, projecting
litus, oris, nt.
shore, beach, coast
trux, ucis, adj.
savage, grim, wild
iugum, i, nt.
yoke, collar, pair, team
sibilus, i, m.
whistle, hissing
cacumen, inis, nt.
extremity, pt. height, limit
imbuo, uere, ui, utum
to wet, dip, inspire, begin
aequor, is, nt.
a level surface, sea
fretum, i, nt.
straight, sea, violence
erus, i, m.
master, owner
laevus, adj
left, stupid, unfortunate, left hand
dexter, eri/ri, adj.
right, right hand, skillful, favorable
uterque, utraque, utrumque, pronoun
each, either, both
secundus, adj
following, next, second, fortunate
limpidus, adj.
cear, limpid
lacus, us, m.
vat, lake
recondo, ere, idi, itum
to store away, hide, bury
gemellus, adj