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tantum... quantum (ADV)
so much, so far; hardly, only
so much as; how much; how far
fides, fidei, F
faith, loyalty; honesty; credit; confidence, trust, belief; good faith
ullus, ulla, ullum (gen -ius) ADJ
umquam ADV
ever; at any time
cf. numquam ADV
foedus, foederis N

foedus, foeda -um
treaty, agreement, contract; league; alliance

filthy, foul, disgusting, loathsome, beastly
reperio, reperire, repperi, repertus
discover, learn; light on; find/obtain/get; find out/to be, get to know; invent
pars, partis, F
part, region; share; direction; portion, piece; party, faction, side;
role (of actor); office/function/duty