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commodus, commoda -um, commodior -or -us, commodissimus -a -um ADJ
suitable, convenient, obliging; opportune/timely; favorable/lucky; advantageous
insidia, insidiae, F
ambush (pl.); plot; treachery; snare
avunculus, avunculi, M
maternal uncle, mother's brother, mother's sister's husband; great uncle
avus, avi, M
grandfather; forefather, ancestor
avia, aviae, F

avius, avia, avium ADJ
-grandmother; rooted prejudice, old wives tale
-out of the way, unfrequented, remote
requiesco, requiescere, requievi, requietus
quiet down; rest; end
lena, lenae, F

lenis, lene, lenior
procuress; brothel-keeper

gentle, kind, light; smooth, mild, easy, calm
fluctus, fluctus, M
wave; disorder; flood, flow, tide, billow, surge; turbulence, commotion