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etsi CONJ
although, though, even if; albeit; I know that but
fetus, fetus, M

fetus, feta, fetum
offspring, young

fertile; pregnant with; full of; having newly brought forth
fluctuo, fluctuare, fluctuavi, fluctuatus
rise in waves, surge, swell, undulate, fluctuate; float; be agitated/restless
tellus, telluris, F
earth, ground; the earth; land, country
maestus, maesta, maestum, adj
sad, gloomy
cano, canere, cani, canitus
sing, celebrate, chant; crow; recite; play (music)/sound (horn); foretell
unda, undae, F
obliviscor, oblivisci, oblitus sum
forget; (with GEN)
excutio, excutere, excussi, excussus
shake out or off; cast out; search, examine
-salio, salire, salivi, saltus

-salio, salire, salivi, salitus
-leap, jump; move suddenly/spasmodically
-salt, salt down, preserve with salt; sprinkle before sacrifice
prosilio, prosilire, prosilivi (or ui)
jump/leap up/forward; rush/leap/spring forth/to; gush/break/jut out
rubor, ruboris, M
redness, blush; modesty, capacty to blush; shame, disgrace, what causes blush