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passer, passeris
m. sparrow; flounder
deliciae, deliciarum
fpl. delight, pleasures; sweetheart, darling; comforts
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusus
to play; to spend in play; to amuse oneself with
sinus, sinus
m. indentation, cruve, fold, hollow; fold of the toga about the breast
appeto, appetere, appetivi, appetitus
to try to reach; to lay hold of
acer, acris, acre
sharp, pointed; alert, vigilant; shrewd; energetic, active
morsus, morsus
m. bite; pungency; grip; corrosion; gnawing pain; sting
mordeo, mordere, momordi, morsus
to bite; to eat, devour; to grip
desiderium, desiderii
n. longing, missing, feeling of loss; want, need
niteo, nitere, nitui
to shine, gleam, glisten; to be glamorous; to glow with health
carus, a, um
dear, expensive; dear, loving, affectionate
quid lubet
it pleases, it is pleasant for, is agreeable to
iocor, iocari, iocatus sum
to say in jest
solacium, solacii
n. comfort, relief
solaciolum, solacioli
n. a bit of comfort
dolor, doloris
m. pain, ache; grief, distress; indignation, resentment, chagrin
dolus, doli
m. trick; deceit, cunning
ardor, ardoris
m. heat, flame; flashing, brightness
acquiesco, acquiescere, acquievi, acquietum
to become quiet; to rest; to die
as, just as; as it were, so to speak
levo, levare, levavi, levatus
to make smooth, polish; to soothe
pernix, pernicis
agile, nimble, swift
pernicies, perniciei
f. ruin, destruction, disaster; pest curse
ligo, ligare, ligavi, ligatus
to tie, tie up, bandage
zona, zonae
f. belt sash; money belt; zone