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tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatus
to lift, raise; to draw; to have
salsus, a, um
salted; briny, salty; facetious, humorous, witty
muto, mutare, mutavi, mutatus
to change, shift; to alter; to exchange
vole, velle, volui
to wish, want; to propose, determine; to hold, maintain; to mean
differtus, a, um
full of; stuffed; crowded, overcrowded
lepos, leporis
m.pleasantness, charm, attractiveness
facetiae, facetiarum
fpl. clever thing, clever talk, witticism, humor
sudo, sudare, sudavi, sudatus
to sweat, exude; to soak with sweat
sudor, sudoris
m. sweat; moisture; hard work
munus, muneris
n. service, function, duty; gift; favor, kindness