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phasēlus or phasēlos -ī (mf)
light passenger ship
hospes, -itus (m)
host, guest
ullus -a -um
natō –ārē, -āvī, -ātus
to swim, to float
impetus, -ūs (m)
attack, assault, rush, vehemence
trabs, -is (f)
beam, plank; timber, tree
nequeō, -īre, -īvī – ītum
to be unable to, to be incapable of
praeteriō, -īre, -īvī, -itus tr
to go past, to escape the notice of
whether, or
linteus, -a, -um
linen, canvas, sail
minax, -is
threatening, menacing, jutting out
lītus, -oris (nt)
shore, beach, coast; riverbank
trux, -cis
savage, grim, fierce
jugum, -ī (nt)
yoke, collar; pair, team; crossbar (of loom); thwart (of boat); common bond, union; wedlock; pair, couple; mountain ridge
sībilus, -a, -um
hissing; whistling; rustling
aiō (ait)
say; say yes, say so; assert, relate
cacūmen, -inis (nt)
point, tip, top, peak; young shoot
imbuō, -buere, -buī, -būtus
to wet, soak; to dip; to moisten; ti stain, taint, infect; to imbue, fill, steep; to instruct
aequor, -oris (nt)
level surface; plain; sea
fretum, -ī (nt)
strait, channel; sea, the deep; waters; (fig) seething flood
erus, -ī (m)
master of the house, head of the family; lord, owner
laevus, -a, -um
– left, on the left side; awkward, stupid; ill-omened; lucky, propitious || f left hand, left side || n the left || npl the area on the left
dexter, -tera, -terum or –tra, -trum
right, on the right side; handy, dexterous; lucky, propitious, favorable; opportune, right
uterque, utraque, utrumque
adj) each (of the two), both; (pron) each one, both
secundus, -a, -um
backing, favorable, supporting
limpidus, -a, -um
limpid, clear
lacus, -ūs (m)
tank, pool, reservoir, cistern; lake
recondō, -dere, -didī, -ditus
to put back again; to put away, hoard; to hide, conceal; to plunge (sword); to close (eyes) again; to store up (in the mind)
gemellus, -a, -us