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phaselus, i, m/f.
BOAT, (pinnace); french beans
hospes, hospitis, m.
hospita, hospitae, f.
FRIEND, host, guest
ullus, ullius, adj.
(dative: ulli)
nullus, nullius, adj.
(dative: nulli)
NO, NONE; NOT, not at all
nato, -are, -avi, -atus
to SWIM, float
impetus, -us, m.
ATTACK, rush
trabs, trabis, f.
SHIP, BEAM, timber; tree; roof
nequeo, nequire, nequivi, nequitum
to BE UNABLE, cannot
praetereo, praeterire, praeterii, praeteritum
to SURPASS, go past; to escape, pass
sive... sive, conj.
linteum, -i, nt.
SAIL, linen cloth, canvas
minax, minacis (adj)
litus, litoris, nt.
SHORE, beach, coast
trux, trucis
iugum, -i, nt.
(mountain) RIDGE; (animals) yoke
sibilus, -i, m.
HISSING, whistle
he/she/it SAYS
cacumen, cacuminis, nt.
SUMMIT, treetop, extremity; (fig) height
imbuo, imbuere, imbui, imbutum
to DIP, WET; (fig) to inspire
aequor, aequoris, nt.
SEA; a level surface
fretum, freti, nt.
STRAIT; sea; (fig) violence
erus, eri, m.
MASTER (of the house); owner
laevus, -a, -um
UNFORTUNATE, left; stupid
dexter, dexteri or dextri (???)
FAVORABLE, right; skillful
uterque, utraque, utrumque (pronoun)
WHICHEVER (of two)
secundus, -a, -um
FAVORABLE; next, second
limpidus, -a, -um
CLEAR, limpid
lacus, lacus, m.
LAKE; reservoir; tank, vat; cistern
recondo, recondere, recondidi, reconditum
to FIND, stow, hide away, bury
gemullus, a, um
TWIN, double
gemullus, -i, m.