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lūgeō, lūgēre, lūxī, lūctum
to mourn; to be in mourning
venustus, -a, -um
charming attractive, beautiful
venustās, venustātis, (f)
charm, beauty
plūs, plūris (comparitive of multus) adv.
oculus, -ī (m)
eye; sight; (plant) bud; (fig) darling, jewel
ocellus, -ī (m)
eye; darling, gem
mellītus, -a, -um
honeyed; sweet
mel, mellis (nt)
nōscō, nōscere, nōscivī, nōscitum
to get to know, learn; to examine; to recognize, allow; (perf) to know
gremium, -ī (nt)
bosom, lap
saliō, salīre, saluī, salitum
to leap, spring; to throb
circumsiliō, circumsilīre, circumsilīvī, circumsilītum
to hop about; to be rampant
huc . . . illuc
hither and thither
pīpiō, pīpiāre, pīpivī, pīpiatum
usque (adv)
all the way (to, from), right on, right up to; (time) all the time, as long as, continuously; (degree) even, as much as
tenebrae, tenebrārum (
dark, gloomy
negō, negāre, negāvī, negātum
to say no; to say not, deny; to refuse, decline
unde (adv)
from where, whence; from whom, from which
undique (adv)
from every side, on all sides, everywhere; completely
ubīque (adv)
everywhere, anywhere
bellus, -a, -um
pretty, handsome; pleasant, nice
bellum, -ī (nt)
auferō, auferre, abstulī, ablātum
to take away, carry away; to mislead, lead into a digression; to take by force, steal; to win, obtain
opera, operae (f)
exertion, work; service; care, attention; leisure, time; (person_ workman, hired rough
opus, operis (nt)
fleō, flēre, flēvī, flētum
to weep, cry; to lament, mourn for
flō, flāre, flāvī, flātum
to blow; (money) to coin
fluō, fluere, fluxī, fluxum
to flow; to overflow, drip; (fig) to fall in, fall away, vanish; (speech) to run evenly; (CIRCS) to proceed, tend
turgidus, -a, um
swollen, distended; bombastic