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passer, passeris, m.
deliciae, deliciarum, fpl.
DELIGHT, pleasure; (person) sweetheart, darling
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusum
sinus, sinus, m.
curve, fold; (toga) pocket, puse; (fishing) net; (hair) curl; (ship) sail
appeto, appetere, appetivi, appetitum
to SEEK; to grasp; to try to get at; to attack; to desire
acer, acris
morsus, -us, m.
BITE; grip
mordeo, mordere, momordi, morsum
to BITE; to grip
desiderium, desideri(i), nt.
DESIRE, longing, sense of loss; want
nitor, nitoris, m.
brightness, sheen, sleekness; beauty, elegance
nitor, niti, nisus (nixus)
to REST ON, lean on; to press, stand firmly
carus, -a, -um
DEAR, costly; dear, beloved
iocor, iocari, iocatus
to JOKE, jest
solacium, solaci(i), nt.
COMFORT, consolation, relief
solaciolum, i, nt
a grain of comfort
dolor, doloris, m.
PAIN, sorrow
dolus, doli, m.
deceit, guile, trick
ardor, ardoris, m.
PASSION, heat, brightness
acquiesco, acquiescere, acquievi, acquietum
to rest, die, acquiesce
sicut, sicuti, adv.
just as, as in fact; (comparison) like, as
levo, levare, levavi, levatum
to EASE, lighten; (fig) to comfort, alleviate
pernix, pernicis
nimble, agile, swift
pernicies, perniciei, f.
DESTRUCTION, ruin, death
ligo, ligare, ligavi, ligatum
to TIE UP, bandage; (fig) to untie
zona, zonae, f.
BELT, girdle