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term referring to books that were rejected from the Bible because they lacked genuineness and canocity
sacred scriptures: inspired by God, written by human
the CHurch's complete list of sacred books of the Bible
The heritage of faith contained in Sacred Scipture and tradition
Deposite of Faith
those books and passages of the old and new Testaments about which there was controversy in early Christian Hitory
revealed teachings of Christ which are proclaimed by the fullest extent of the exercise of the aithority of the Church's Magisterium
Method of Scriptural interpretation in which the author is inspired to use figures of speech
Literal Sense proper
Mehtod of Scriptual interpretation in which the author intends precisely what he was inspired to write
Literal sense improper
the living transmission of the message of the Gospel in the Church
Oral tradition
During the time of Jesus, avid, contentious student or teacher of Jewish religious law
Revelations made in the course of history that do not add or for part of the deposit of faith
Private Revalation
From hebrew hozeh meaning "vision" or "revelation interpreted"
the books of the Bible whoe inspired character has never been questioned
God's comunication of himself, by which he makes known the mystery of his divine paln
A pre-CHristian Greek translaion of the Hebrew scriptures made by Jewish Scolars
the name given to the two major parts of the bible; synonym for covenant
Reading of the old teastament which discrens in God's work of the old covenant prefigurations of what he accomplished on the fullness of time in the perso of Jesus Christ
Typological Sense