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Categories of Dance
Ritual Dance
-Please Gods
-Spiritual, religious or ceremonial
-May be fascinating to wathc
-Exist because part of ritual
Social Dance
-Danced to please dancers
-Danced rather than watched
-Enjoyed by common, untrained folk
Theatrical Dance
-Danced to please the audience
-Intended for audience of onlookers
-Presented in theater-type site
-Emphasizes role of spectator
-Performed by trained dancers
Venues & Ocassions: Ritual Events
Fertility, Los Seises, Sufi
Venues & Ocassions: Social Gatherings
Balls, Sick-hops, Hoedowns
Venues & Ocassions: Theathers
Ballet, Modern, Jazz Concerts
Ballet de Cour
-"Ballet of the Court"
-C. 1550-1670
-Formal entertainment of music, dance, verse
-Performed by Courtiers
-Developed from italian Renaissance
Court Life
-Feudal System
-Nobility:Great wealth & power
-Court Life: important part of social structure for nobility
-Dancing: important part of court life
Catherine de Medicis
-Queen for 12 yrs(little pwr)
-Mother of 3 France's kings
-Wielded much pwr for about 30 yrs
-PATRON OF ARTS: set styles & funded arts
-Hosted grand occasions
Ballets de Cour
-Flourished in France
-Contained varying amounts of dance
-Catherine de Medicis staged many w/choreography
-Frequent political themes
-Themes ranged from love to war
-Extravagant stagings
Layout of Hall
-Halls were rectangular
-Rpyalty on dais at end of hall
-Royalty = "The Presence"
-"top of the hall" & "up the hall"
-Gallery above & around 3 sides
"Ballet Comique de la Reine"
(preparation for)
-Staged to celebrate a royal marriage
-Balthasar de Beaujoyeulx-musician & dance master
-Dance, muscic & recitation woven together
-Story of greek enchanters circle
"Ballet Comique de la Reine"
(the performance)
-Action took place on floor hall
-Royal family @ 1 end of hall
-Audience above performers on 3 sides
-Queen Louise was in the production
-Lasted 6 hrs
-Important early choreographic spectacle